Restorative Justice for All

Restorative Justice for All (RJ4All) is an international institute with a mission to advance community cohesion and human rights locally, nationally and internationally. We redistribute power in a more equal way by delivering social justice projects, educational programmes and high quality volunteering opportunities to the most marginalised groups of society.We do this by using the power of education, sports and arts as well as the practices (mediation, conferencing, workshops etc.) and values of restorative justice including power sharing, fairness, equality and respect. RJ4All is the leading Europe-wide restorative justice network with members from over 40 countries.We achieve our charitable aims by: 

• Carrying out educational projects and information campaigns in the interest of children and young people, communities, victims and marginalised groups at the local, national and international levels 

• Providing internships to young people, those at risk of being affected by crime and marginalised groups as well as high quality volunteering opportunities involving social action 

• Bringing harmed parties together (directly or indirectly) through restorative justice to negotiate solutions and restore the harm that they experienced 

• Increasing public awareness of restorative justice, human rights and inter-cultural dialogue 

• Carrying out evaluations and research on restorative justice, criminal justice, human rights and equality programmes 

• Building bridges between grass communities and the powerful, as well as acting as learning network between practitioners, researchers, policy makers and users of the justice system 

• Increasing knowledge and pushing the boundaries of restorative justice especially in contested areas of practice (e.g. domestic violence, sexual abuse and hate crimes). 

• Making restorative justice more accessible to young people, junior researchers, students, practitioners, policy makers, the public and the media. 

• Influence international, regional and local policy, legislation and practice 

• Providing expert, tailored and independent advice on restorative justice, human rights, equality and criminal justice. 

RJ4All is governed by a Board of non-executive directors with expertise from criminal justice and user service delivery, front-line work with marginalised groups, campaigning, academia and research. RJ4All hosts at least 5 part-time interns on a monthly basis and engages at least 200 volunteers annually. RJ4All has received the Quality Label (receiving and sending) for the European Solidarity Corps and works in close collaboration with EURODESK UK. 

We are also supported by an independent Academic and Editorial Board and an International Advisory Board. Their membership includes some of the most prominent academics, researchers and practitioners in the areas that we cover. Within this Board, there is an Ethics Committee that reviews Ethics Applications when vulnerable individuals are involved in our work. 

Working for more than 10 years in the area of equality, community cohesion, youth and justice, we have developed numerous strong partnerships with civil society, statutory and non-statutory organizations, locally, nationally and internationally. Acting as a national and European network, we share expertise and best practice among our users, partners and networks. As a membership organization, RJ4All has over 3000 registered individuals and organisations from across the UK, Europe and overseas. We communicate with our members on a bimonthly basis via e-newsletters and blogs that are written by them and the RJ4All team. RJ4All also hosts the youth-led FRED campaign which is a pan-European initiative aiming to promote the values of Freedom Respect Equality and Dignity. 

RJ4All has in place efficient and elaborate internal as well as external quality control systems. Putting emphasis on the quality of our services, we are dedicated to measuring our impact on our users and the wider society. Exploiting the Theory of Change and using user-led evaluation methods, we produce high quality evidence-based outcomes that allow us to review our work and improve our approaches. 

RJ4All Publications is an impactful publisher specialising in social sciences and the publication of cutting-edge research. We have published books on youth and justice, human rights, gender equality, domestic violence and many more. RJ4All Publications is also the publisher of the leading international, peer reviewed Internet Journal of Restorative Justice and the Youth Voice Journal. We work with our distributors (e.g. EBSCO, British Library) to disseminate our publications to over 200,000 institutions from around the world.As an institute, we are also a Continuous Professional Development accrediting body meaning that we can certify with CPD status training programmes, face-to-face and e-courses.RJ4All is well familiar with EC funded projects such as REC, Horizon and Erasmus+ especially in coordinating KA2 projects.