Our school was established in 2017 and student admissions started the same year. This year is our third academic year as a secondary school. We want to exist in the region with our

increasing number of students for three years.

The headquarters of Kutlubey schools are in Ankara and we also have branches in the center of Amasya. On the way to becoming a chain, we have a mission based on academic success, but with the first goal of HAPPY STUDENT. In particular, it is our other duty to provide all kinds of social support to our students who are drowned in a very intense examination system and to prepare the teacher and the student for education. Merzifon is one of the most important points of the region as a district. Located at the intersection of Samsun, Ankara, Istanbul, Amasya and Çorum and having a population of 65000, this important district has also taken a good position in the region in terms of education.

Especially  the 5th Main Jet Base adds a very special geopolitical importance to the region.

Physically, the institution has its own building. It has 16 classrooms, Computer Laboratory, Work Workshop, Science and Technology Laboratory, Library, Indoor Swimming Pool,

Indoor Sports Hall, Ice Rink, Open Astroturf and Basketball Court. 5th Grade 37, 6th Grade 37, 7th Grade 31, 8th Grade 55, there are 160 students in total. 1 Principal, 1 Assistant Principal, 22 Teachers, 12 Servants Our institution attaches importance to Foreign Language Education. As Kutlubey schools in foreign language education, we implement the Oxford Quality Program in cooperation with Oxford Universty Press, one of the world’s prestigious publishing organizations. Within the scope of weekend workshops in our school, ice skating, theater, drama, robotic coding, Quran, English, guitar, tennis, intelligence games are carried out. The

students of our school carry out sports and social activities as well as educational activities. We have degrees in sportive events such as swimming, football, basketball, volleyball. In addition, for our parents of students during the year; Poetry Recital, English Drama Show was held.

A team of 4 teachers was established at the point of EU projects. There is a team of counselors, English-German teachers, Social Studies and Physical Education teachers. As of this

year, a project room has been prepared and equipped at the school. Studies on eTwinnig and School Gateway issues have been started, and with the KA 229 project, a CULTURAL

issue was chosen especially in order to create a school culture and it was aimed to produce products in 6 different subjects. From this point of view, our English teacher, who previously took part in Youth Projects, took part in Sports Projects. Our Physical Education teacher has project experience. In addition, our school principal also supports this issue very clearly. In addition, our Parents’ Association is in constant communication and states its support for projects.