Colégio Internato Claret

Colégio Claret is a private school of basic, secondary and vocational education. In the current school year – 2021/2022 – it has 42 teachers, 34 non-teaching staff and around 640 students. 

“Colégio Claret” is a place of education, whose function is to help families developing: the students’ personality; their progressive self-esteem and capacity to be protagonists and responsible for their educational process; the respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms of each individual; the sense of coexistence and acceptance; attitudes that favor responsible participation in social and cultural life; and also the commitment to build a fairer and more fraternal society, in which peace, cooperation and solidarity among peoples, is possible. 

Our educational mission is that of integral education for all people and for the people as a whole, globally, in accordance with a Christian conception of man and life. Therefore, in close cooperation with parents, the College favours the development and enrichment of the biopsychological, psychomotor, intellectual, affective, sociocultural and transcendent dimensions of each student, with a view to building a SENSELIFE PROJECT. 

Each student is offered the openness to the mystery of human existence, which opens new ethical horizons of interpretation of human reality and life with others, helping them to grow in all aspects of their personality, to realize a synthesis between faith. , culture and life, to live in community and to commit ourselves to building a better world, using sustainably the goods of the earth, which belong to all. We also collaborate with other social organizations committed to build a better society. In this sense we accept any student from any religious backgrounds. 

The “Colégio Claret” has its roots in the educational experience of José Maria Claret, in which the principles and criteria of action are inspired. It is popular, free and open. It promotes a family environment that educates. It is our concern to place the student in the center of the educational process, through the presence of educators among the students. It encourages solidarity with those in need. 

Focused on a student-centred pedagogy, in its multiplicity and complexity as a Person, we seek to welcome each one with special care and motivate him / her for learning and the full development of their abilities; open more the school and the classroom to develop, in an integrated and articulated way, the different learning domains (learning, learning to think, learning to do, learning to live, learning to be…) in order to empower students the development of multiple intelligences, the development of different capacities and the delivery of quality and stimulating teaching capable of improving students’ learning. 

We stimulate a taste for knowledge and discovery, seek to develop the ability to communicate and argue, to critically analyse information and to seek solutions to problem solving; develop the creative process and autonomy of students in promoting the taste for culture and the arts.