Vilnius Vocational Training Centre of Technologies and Engineering

Vilnius Vocational Training Centre of Technologies and Engineering is a public VET institution established in 2004 by reorganising four vocational schools: 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd polytechnic schools in Vilnius, and Vilnius radio electronics and precision mechanics schools. At that time the center became one of the largest vocational education institutions not only in Vilnius but also in Lithuania.
The mission of Vilnius Training Centre of Technologies is to serve the public interest through education and vocational training:
-to provide basic, secondary, formal initial and continuing non-formal vocational training;
-to provide conditions for qualification improvement and retraining;
-to meet students’ cognitive, educational and self-expression needs;
-to enable students to develop key competences and qualifications;
-developing cooperation with employers and social partners.
Currently, training is provided in three departments of the Center: Energy and Mechatronics, Transport and Business, Information and Visual Technology.
More than 700 students study in these departments every year and they are taught by 54 vocational teachers and 22 subject teachers.
Vilnius Training Centre of Technologies (VTMC) is a vocational training institution that has concentrated its efforts and is actively modernizing practical training opportunities in order to prepare the most demanded engineering, IT and computer, business and financial, and visual technology specialists for the national and international market. To achieve this goal, the center actively cooperates with business, developing the form of apprenticeship training, developing IT specialist training initiatives.
After the implementation of the EU Structural Funds project and creation of a regional center for mechatronics, practical training is also being carried out in another territorial unit – the practical training workshop.
Engineering Industry center and Energetics center

2014 In September, two sectoral practical training centers were launched: the Engineering Industry Sector Practical Training Center and the Energy Sector Practical Training Center. Investments in the practical training centers of energy and engineering industries is up to 6 mil. Eur.
The Engineering Industry Sector Practical Training Center is equipped with a modern practical training base that prepares mechatronics specialists for a wide range of metalworking and automated systems operations. This sector-based practical training center has a mechatronics laboratory, a CNC machine tool programming laboratory, a heat treatment laboratory, a measurement laboratory, a pneumatic workshop, a hydraulic workshop, a metalworking workshop.
VTMC is licensed to provide 49 formal vocational education programs in secondary education, continuing vocational education (adult education) and of course initial vocational education.
Currently, the training centre has level 4 vocational education and training programs in the following fields:
• IT and Computing (Java developer; Web developer; Software tester; Computer hardware adjuster; Computer design operator; Computer network coordinator; .NET developer);
• Engineering (Electrician; Energy system electronics technician; Automatic systems operation mechatronic; Metalworking machinist; Welder; Mechatronics automation systems operation technician.);
• Visual technologies (Visual service provider; Visual advertising producer);
• Business administration (Accountant/cashier; Secretary; Finance service specialist).
The school actively cooperates with local companies, vocational training centers, universities and etc. in various ways.
Long-term cooperation creates traditions — companys representatives share specialized technological knowledge with the students and staff of the training center, and accept students to practice.
And The training center has developed training programs and courses leading to a certificate of competency.
As a result of long lasting colaboration the AKADEMIJA.IT was founded. Launched in 2014 together with Infobalt Association and “Eis Group Lithuania”, it still preparing IT professionals who are trained in just 1 year.
Training Center is an active participant in international and national projects and constantly implements internal educational initiatives within the organization. It had been developing project activities since 2007 in Erasmus+, Nordplus and other international programs. Since that time, many partners has bee
The project administration staff has the necessary competencies for the successful implementation of projects, which have been developed through many years of successful project experience. Every year, VTMC participates in various projects both as an executor and as a partner. In order to achieve the quality of project activities, VTMC has established a Development Department, and the management specialists working in it successfully implement both domestic and international projects. Due to the close and productive cooperation with partners, representatives of foreign vocational training institutions and other educational organizations are constantly received, delegations of specialists in education and other fields and groups of students are received during professional internships.
For more than a decade, students, alumni, teachers and other staff have been gaining professional experience and developing social skills in foreign training centers and companies.
Membership in Associations
 Training center is member of various Associations:
Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts (Vilnius CCIC)
The Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Industry Association, Lithuanian Engineering Industry Association (LINPRA),
Lithuanian Electricity Association (LEEA).