Tide fishing

All good to great fishermen know that in order to catch fish, you have to study the tides.  You need to study the tide charts.  Its important to know when the tide is going to hit the areas of where you play to fish and how long that tide is going to stay in that area.  Wind plays a key role in tide stands.  Incoming tides pushed by winds blowing from offshore will be higher at the base point.  A sustain wind of 5 hours or more blowing steady wind from offshore cause cause a high tide to rise.

I recommend that if you are fishing inshore waters during the winter time that you stay in the deep holes.  The best prospect of catching fish is when there is moving water.  The incoming tide alwasy offers the best odds to catch fish because the rising water covers new feeding areas for fish and push food that seats at the bottom of the water to the top.  When the tide is not moving the fish will tend to sleep because there is nothing to bring the food.